Mushrooms accompany us throughout our lives. Whether in nature, to look beautiful, prepared as a delicious mushroom dish,
 in the production of beer and wine, or Penicillium from the world's important antibiotic penicillin is obtained.


Basically, we produce our products with high quality and regional raw materials.

Our assortment includes fresh mushrooms, dried mushrooms as well as vital mushroom products and all kinds of delicacies.

For your own small mushroom farm at home or in the garden, we recommend our mushroom hatcheries,
inoculated logs and inoculation dowels.


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Medicinal mushrooms
What are medicinal mushrooms and why are they doing us so well?
Even Ötzi and the ancient Chinese appreciated the medicinal properties of medicinal mushrooms.

Medicinal mushrooms also called medicinal mushrooms or medicinal mushrooms, are natural food supplements.
 In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as in the folk medicine of other countries,
 medicinal mushrooms have been used for many hundreds of years, e.g. to support well-being.
 The stone age man Ötzi carried with his find a birch pear on a chain around the neck.
 This medicinal mushroom is the antibiotic of the Stone Age and Ötzi probably used it for its antibacterial,
 antibiotic and anti-pain properties.
The Reishi (mushroom of immortality) is a special mushroom. Learn more

Whether it's vital and medicinal mushroom products or mushroom spawning to grow mushrooms at home, 
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How can mushrooms save the world?
Mushrooms are universally applicable and can do almost anything. They have a unique all-round power that makes mushrooms very useful in many areas.

    Floor restoration
    natural insecticide
    Styrofoam replacement
    Fermentation of beer and wine
    Natural remedy in the fight against bee plague (Varroa destructor)


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