Mycotherapy for Animals – The Healing Power of Mushrooms

Mycotherapy for Animals – The Healing Power of Mushrooms

We love our pets whether dog, cat or mouse.  We want our animals to grow old as healthily as possible. But how can this be achieved with a constant increase in diseases? Mycotherapy has shown amazing success here.

Mykotherapie für Tiere- funghi Mallorca

Mykotherapie für Tiere

When we think of mushrooms, a beautiful old forest with moss-covered trees usually comes to mind. Here you can find one or the other delicacy, whether porcini or chanterelle, both end up in the basket. But mushrooms are not only tasty, the shiitake, maitake and oyster mushroom are delicious medicinal mushrooms from nature. However, this is only a small part of the large world of edible and medicinal mushrooms. Penicillin, for example, is obtained from a mould. The Tibetan caterpillar fungus (Cordyceps) uses caterpillars as hosts and is also considered the most powerful medicinal mushroom.


Mycotherapy for pets

Mykotherpie für HundeThe most important thing for humans and animals is prevention. The motto is not to get sick in the first place. This means that our dear pet should first be kept according to its needs and the appropriate diet and social life play a major role. A very important point is the nutrition. It is not for nothing that there is the saying “You are what you eat” in all languages.
Some medicinal mushrooms support the human as well as the animal organism very well. Mycotherapy can therefore be easily incorporated into the normal course of life as a preventive measure. Reishi, for example, also called the “mushroom of immortality”, already indicates its healing effect with its name. Even small amounts achieve great results. In these hectic and fast-moving times, it is not only us two-legged people who suffer from burnout or allergies, but also our favourite furry friends who suffer from environmental pollution, genetic engineering and drug intolerance.
Even small amounts can have a great effect in mycotherapy. Many substances play a role, such as their high concentration of glycoproteins, beta-1,6-glucan, eritadenins, polysaccharides and secondary bioactive substances.



How are vital and medicinal mushrooms used in mycotherapy?

They are usually enriched or added to the feed. The medicinal mushroom powder can simply be added to the usual food. Many animals like to eat the mushrooms. The other possibility is to cook a decoction and add it to the drinking water. The addition of vitamin C has great advantages in enhancing the effect of the medicinal mushrooms.


Quality of vital mushrooms and mycoteraphy

In mycotherapy for animals, attention must be paid to the origin of the mushrooms. Up to 500 different pesticides, heavy metals and microbiological abnormalities have been found in samples from the Far East. Of course, we do not want to use such contaminated mushrooms for ourselves or our four-legged friends.

Sie Sollten auf alle Fälle einen Fachman befragen.


Gewicht Tierart Pilzpulver Extrakt
Bis 10 kg Doc  Max. 1 g max. 250-300 mg
10-20 kg   2 g 500-600 mg
20-40 kg doc 3 g 1000-1200 mg
bis 5 kg Cat 1 g 250-300 mg
5-10 kg Cat  2 g 500-600 mg
bis 300 kg Pony 3 g 1000-1200 mg
ab 500 kg Horse 4 g 1200-1800 mg
  Nager 500 mg 125-250 mg
  Birds 250 mg 125 mg




What else is important in mycotherapy?

Shiitake should not be used if the animal has heart and/or kidney failure due to its high potassium content.

Judas ear should not be used if the animal is to become pregnant or already is.

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