What you should know about dried mushrooms

Are dried mushrooms poisonous? Can you dry mushrooms in the oven? Are dried mushrooms healthy? All these questions we clarify in the following article.

In autumn there are plenty of mushrooms to be found in the woods. As a mushroom connoisseur, the probability is very high to come home after a walk in the forest, with bulging baskets mushroom. Sometimes you can not eat so much. Then there are different ways to further process the remaining mushrooms and make them storable.
You can dry the mushrooms, pickle them or freeze them. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Today we would like to focus on dried mushrooms.

How to dry mushrooms?

Some types of mushrooms are preferably dried in the dark and at a constant temperature, which preferably does not exceed 35 ° to 50 ° degrees. The oven or a boiler room is often very suitable here. In variant number one, spread these for this purpose thinly sliced slices of mushrooms at regular intervals on the baking sheet and put it in the oven for 3-5 hrs. To be able to dry the mushrooms in the heating cellar, or even in the sun, thread the mushroom slices with a needle on a sturdy yarn and hang them up.

Some types of mushrooms, such as oyster mushrooms, are excellent for drying in the sun. These mushrooms have the ability to increase their vitamin D content many times over. Your organism is able to produce vitamin D directly from sunlight, which strongly advocates taking vitamin D products in the form of dried mushrooms or medicinal mushroom products.

How do I store dried mushrooms?

The best way is cool, dry and dark. To do this, we pack the mushrooms either in well-sealed zip bags, Tupper tins or in canning jars. They are stored, for example, in the cellar and in pantries.

How do dried mushrooms taste?

Dried mushrooms usually have a more intense flavor than fresh mushrooms, because the flavors are more concentrated by drying.

Do mushrooms become poisonous when dried?

No, as long as they are not moldy or infested with moths or the like, you can use the mushrooms with a clear conscience until the next season or longer. Also valuable ingredients such as vitamin D, vitamin B, folic acid and minerals remain contained during drying.

How long can you lay dried mushrooms ?

Very long! As long as there is no mold or insect infestation on the mushrooms, they can be used for years.

Which mushrooms can be dried particularly well?

Oyster mushrooms, rose mushrooms, herb mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, mushrooms, all types of mushrooms and morels.

What do I do with the dried mushroom?

Dried mushrooms can be used similarly to fresh mushrooms. Ground as a powder, the mushrooms, a fine sauce to something very special. Or also as a soup ingredient they are super. Just as a dietary supplement, in powder form and capsules, they are super easy to integrate into the daily routine, for example in smoothies or in cereal.


What else to look for in dried mushrooms ?

What you should really pay attention to, as far as this goes, is the country of origin. This applies in principle to all mushroom products that appeal to you. Mushrooms are the perfect detoxification machines, not only for the human organism. This means that the mushroom can, under certain circumstances, absorb and process environmental toxins. Especially from the Far East, are often high pollutant loads in the mushrooms and products to find.

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