Making mushroom spawn yourself at home

Make mushroom spawn easily and conveniently at home

Edible mushrooms are not only becoming more and more popular on the table, but are also increasingly cultivated at home.
But how does it work?
How you can easily make your own grain spawn you learn now.

What is needed:

1 bucket
1 sieve
Grain (organic wheat is very suitable)
canning jars (old cucumber jars or these jars are best)
Polyfil/ aquarium absorbent cotton
Pressure cooker (usually someone in the family has one or look here)

Making grain spawn tips and tricks part 1

Step 1
Soak the grain for 12-24 hours (in no case longer). Depending on the time of year, otherwise your future mushroom culture will start to ferment.

Step 2
Put the soaked grain in the saucepan and heat it slowly on level 1-2. The water should not boil properly, otherwise you will change the structure of the protein, etc. in the grain. Many colleagues use a pinch of plaster and lime as a little secret trick.

Step 3
Put the grain into the sieve and let it drain. The whole process takes about 20 minutes. After that the grain is slightly dried on the surface and ready for the next step. Here is to say that it is better if the grain appears a little dry than if the grain is wet.

If your fungal substrate is too wet, contaminants such as yeasts and molds will have an easy time.

Step 4
The lids for the jars need to be prepared.  Take the lid, hammer and nail and hammer a hole in the lid. This hole is then stuffed with the polyfil/aquarium wadding.

The filter should not be too fluffy, otherwise foreign fungi will find their way into your glass. You can also use other materials like cigarette filters, Tyvek or syringe filters from medicine.

Step 5
Fill the jars about 3/4 full with the grain and close them with the lid. Then put the aluminum foil over the lid. The aluminum foil has the advantage that dust particles and spores can not be drawn in so easily. If you do not have a Hepa filter available and work with liquid mycelium, you can simply lift the lid and pierce through the foil.

Step 6
Now the pressure cooker comes into play. If you have never used a pressure cooker before, please read the instructions.

We then fill the pot with water and then with our jars.  Now we put the lid on and it will take a few minutes for the pressure to build up.  Then the pot should stay on the stove for a good 90 min. If the time rum must first cool everything. Best over night. And with a clean cloth on the valve. The rag should have been dipped in alcohol or chlorine to avoid further contamination when growing mushrooms.

Now your substrate is ready to be colonized by the fungal mycelium.

Have fun with your Funghi Team

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