Porcini – Mushroom Risotto

Pilz risotto-Steinpilz

Porcini – Mushroom Risotto

Autumn is just around the corner and so are the delicious mushrooms in our forests.  Once the mushrooms have been collected and cleaned, the mushroom risotto is quick and eas

What is needed for a ” Risotto ai funghi porcini “

Pilz risotto-Steinpilz

 Champignon Risotto


100 gram mushroom (fresh)

50 grams porcini mushrooms (fresh)

150 grams of rice (preferably round grain rice)

1/2 onion

70 grams butter

325 ml stock (preferably freshly boiled)

50 ml white wine / not too sweet and preferably from the region

45 g Parmigiano or Grana Padano cheese

Salt & pepper al gusto

How to 

 Risotto ai funghi porcin

  1. First, the mushrooms should be cleaned. Under no circumstances should the mushrooms be washed with water. Otherwise, most mushrooms will get full of water and are no longer really tasty. The best thing to do is to take a brush and rub away any dirt or soil.  Then cut our mushrooms and porcini into small pieces. During this step, the mushrooms can be examined for maggots or insect infestation.
  2. Peel the onion and chop into small cubes.
  3. Grate the Parmigiano or Grana Padano finely
  4. Now take about 20 – 30 grams of butter and melt it in the pan. When the pan is hot, add the mushrooms and fry them.  Work with enough heat, otherwise the mushroom will be covered with butter..
  5. When the mushrooms have coloured, add the rest of the butter and the onions.  (until they are translucent)
  6. Add the rice and mix thoroughly once. Now pour the broth into the pan/pot a little at a time
  7. When the broth has evaporated, it’s time for the wine.
  8. Everything should now be nice and creamy. Slowly stir in the Parmesan and serve the mushroom risotto.

Bon appétit


If you only have dried mushrooms available, soak the dried mushrooms in lukewarm water 2-3 hours before use. This mushroom/water is very suitable to replace the broth and to intensify the mushroom flavour.

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