For your own small mushroom cultivation at home, without much effort.
Inoculation plugs are quick and easy to use.

With inoculation plugs from Funghi with Mushlove, a drill and a tree trunk, you can very easily grow edible and medicinal mushrooms yourself in your own garden.

You will need:

Inoculation plugs from Funghi with Mushlove, a construction log, drill press, scissors, wax & lighter (not mandatory), latex gloves, disinfectant.

Step 1

After you have decided on the inoculation dowels of your choice in our store, get yourself a drilling machine and a piece of freshly cut tree trunk. This should have been felled for at least two months, but only stored for a maximum of six months.

Step 2
Now the drilling machine comes into play. Prepare the log for inoculation by drilling holes of suitable size. There are no limits to your imagination when dividing the holes.

Step 3 –
Ensure cleanliness at the “workplace”, disinfect the packaging surface of the inoculation plugs and the scissors. Before inoculating, wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect them with a little disinfectant after drying them thoroughly. Now put on the gloves.

Now cut open the packaging, preferably at one corner, and carefully pour one inoculation plug after the other into your hand. Push the vaccination dowels into the holes you have pre-drilled, into the tree trunk.

Step 4
To provide the fungus with more protection during the growth phase, we recommend covering the inoculated holes with a thin layer of wax. Beeswax or cheese wax is best suited for this purpose.

Step 5
Now choose the ideal place to grow, it can be anywhere. If you are happy owner of garden or balcony, we recommend to put the tree trunk outside. Since mushrooms grow faster in combination with moisture, please make sure that the tree trunk does not dry out due to high temperatures and strong sunlight in the summer. If this is not 100% possible, place the tree trunk on a saucer and pour some water into it daily. The same applies to the place in the house or apartment.

Schritt 6

With a little care and patience, you can soon proudly admire your first homegrown mushrooms and watch them grow. After harvesting, we recommend turning the very healthy mushrooms into a heavenly, tasty superfood mushroom dish. The whole Funghi with Mushlove team, wishes a lot of fun with the self-experiment.

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Ihr Funghi with Mushlove -Team