The Maitake in German called Klapperschwamm, is not only considered a delicacy in Asia, but is the perfect natural helper to lose weight.

Benefit from the healing effect of the vital mushrooms. Regulate your weight in a natural way.

With the medicinal mushroom Maitake you can reduce your weight in a completely natural way. In Asia, this tasty edible mushroom is considered a delicacy with positive side effects. It prevents excessive storage of fat in the body cells and demonstrably lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Thus, the blood sugar level is lowered and the risk of diabetes decreases significantly. Here the insulin sensitivity of the cells is increased and thus a better utilization of sugar in the cells is made possible.

In addition, the Maitake, high as well as low Butdruck balances. Its ergosterol content apparently contributes to the regulation of the angiotensin system.

It helps to alleviate intestinal diseases and is used in chronic diarrhea to solidify the stool.

Like all vital and medicinal mushrooms, maitake supports the defense and immune system. But a very special property is that it offers one of the highest concentrations of effective polysaccharides. Thus, it strengthens the cellular defense and plays a very important role in cancer and tumor therapy. The use of Maitake supplements, in the form of powder or capsules, has proven effective in bone metastases and brain tumors.

It is rich in valuable ingredients, activates various types of cells and thus ensures a higher release of interferon and interleukin 12 and 18. Thus, the rattling sponge also has the ability to reduce allergic reactions.

Various sources and studies show that the ergosterol content (precursor of vitamin D) in Maitake medicinal mushrooms can promote calcium absorption in the bones and thus protect against osteoporosis. The Maitake is excellent for healthy bones.

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