Myco honey for bees

Myco honey for bees


Myco honey

What does Myco honey and how it works ?

The concept is very simple! Scientists have observed that bees like to eat mushroom mycelium in the wild. Often bees live in tree cavities, so the thought is close that the bees there also help themselves to the fungus.
There are different vital mushrooms that act in different places. Thus the Reishi (mushroom of immortality) acts on the complete stomach intestine tragt, but also on the immune system of the honey bee.

The bees are naturally strengthened against many enemies of the bee. Sensational successes were achieved with the dangerous Varroa and the intestinal protozoa Nosema ceranae.

The good thing is that here no chemicals or the same must be used. That means no load with Oxal or formic acid. Here every beekeeper should do his bees what good

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