Champignons Mallorquin with Sobrasada

sobrasada Rezept-Funghi

sobrasada Rezept-Funghi

One of the delicacies is indispensable in Mallorca: the Sobrasada. This typical Mallorcan spread sausage is made from pork bacon and lots of sweet peppers. Sobrasada is mostly found on a toasted piece of bread – but there is a lot more to the sausage. Sobrasada is often mixed with honey – sounds strange, but is soooo delicious. The Mallorcan housewife also uses the paprika spread sausage in pasta as a sauce, for a roast as a filling or as a fig sobrasada dessert. We have the right mushroom recipe for autumn and winter when the mushroom season begins in Mallorca.

Ingredients for four people:

75 g Sobrasada de Mallorca (Porc Negra)
½ dl olive oil (best from Mallorca)
750 g mushrooms
1-4 finely chopped clove of garlic
1 small onion 1 tsp sliced ​​fennel salt

  1. The recipe is very simple. First of all, the mushrooms have to be cleaned. Never use water here, as this would damage the fungus. It is best to use a brush. Then cut into slices Peel the onion and garlic and cut into small cubes. We take a pan and let the olive oil get hot in it. When it is hot, the mushrooms are added. Mushrooms should usually be seared. So they don’t lose water and develop delicious roasted aromas. Now the onions are added and are fried until they are glassy. Add the garlic and fennel and our sobrasada and swirl everything nicely

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Funghi Tip

Buy only Sobrasada from Mallorca and here is a video of how the Spanish sausage specialty is made

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